Hello, i am currently working on converting alot of functions i have created in matlab. Mainly geomatics (coordinate convertion and so on). I have a exam in december where i can use my casio but not matlab on pc, so having those functions on a calculator would be a dream.

I have now used some time to learn programming on casio and i feel i am getting a hang of it. But i have stumbled on a problem. In matlab you can create a function and save it, when you then make another more complicated function you can call the other saved function in the new on so you dont have to write so much code. I have seen that the prog command can be used in a similar way?

I have "Degrees, minutes, seconds to degrees" (DMS2DEG) program and a "Degrees to radians" (DEG2RAD) function. I want to create a "Degrees, minutes, seconds to radians" (DEG2RAD) program by first calling "DMS2DEG" (getting a degrees output) then using that output in (DEG2RAD) getting the final radians. Is this possible and not destroy the other programs?

This is what i have now:

DMS2DEG inputs D,M,S getting out C (Degrees, could not use D)
DEG2RAD inputs C and gets out R

Both programs work by them selves.

This is my DMS2RAD program i am not getting to work currently, i only get the answer to DMS2DEG and it ends.

Prog "DMS2DEG"
Prog "DEG2RAD"

If you want the code for the other two i can also post them.
I’m not proficient in basic at all but from the posts i saw in the past you should be able to achieve what you want. Maybe the first program has something at the end stopping any further operations?

Maybe post your questions in a basic language forum if available with all the code for someone who knows this language to help.

On a separate note there is an addin called prgm2 which extends basic with c calls if you are interested in c - potentially you may consider creating you own matlab interpreter addin for casio

Good luck
Thank you very much amazonka!
You are totally right, it was a stop command at the end of my two "dms2deg" and "deg2rad" programs. When i removed them it worked.
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