Terrible pictures of the machine: attempted not to take any accidental pictures of the rest of my house


Spray-painted yellow with a black trim. Raspberry Pi 3 Model B overclocked to 1.4 from 0.7. Mortal Kombat dragon on the left side and Street Fighter logo on the right side just cut out from contact paper. I haven't made the marquee yet, but it'll just be a bit of acrylic with a design adhered to the back of it

Project took approx. 3 days total. Capable of running most older systems very well. N64 and Dreamcast emulation required an overclock to run smoothly. Nintendo DS works as well

The holders on the side of the machine (for xbox360 controllers) are 3d printed
This is pretty cool! Could you tell us more about it?

Did you make the controller holders yourself or find them online? Did you draw the mortal kombat and street fighter logos or trace them from the original source? What sort of OS runs on the Pi, how are you running the emulator and what emulator is it? Is that marquee going to have an LED matrix behind the design?

I have so many questions. Haha, I want to do one of these myself!
I simply took the controller holders from some website, forgot exactly where. I just took the design and copied+pasted it again in the same model so that it would print two of them in one print job.

The Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter logos were not traced, but I used a vector image of both to attempt to be as accurate as possible.

I use RetroPie on the Pi (which in itself runs Raspbian Jessie). Inside of that is EmulationStation. I don't know what you mean by how I am running the emulator, but I can quickly get nearly anything (as long as it has a Linux port) just by throwing it on there using SSH.

I wasn't really planning on doing an LED matrix. I don't have that much room in there, it's only two inches of space vertically and most of that is taken up by the speakers. The most I can do is buy a strip of LEDs that I can lay flat across the bottom.
Looks awesome! I was wondering what kind of heatsink/fan setup you needed to overclock to that speed?
I've actually changed the overclock since my last post -



I replaced that bronze fan inside of the machine with a much quieter computer fan that I screwed onto the inside of the back door. There are only two heatsinks - a large one on the main Broadcom SoC, and because I had an extra and nowhere to put it, a small one on the LAN chip. Most heat issues were solved by simply taking the top off of the case, and I haven't had a temperature warning or instability since, save for one crash.
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