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I have an ESP8266 manufactured by Espress, ESP-12F modules that is in deep sleep mode.
It wakes up every 6 hours to read the humidity sensor, display it on LED and then post to IFTTT. Because it is every 6 hours, it actually wakes up every hour just to check an EEPROM stored counter to see if the 6 hour has elapsed. Otherwise, it will increase or reset the EEPROM counter accordingly.

Well,I also want the user to press a button to wake up the ESP, read the humidity sensor, display it on the LED and send to IFTTT even if the 6 hours have not elapsed.

Is there a way to differentiate wakeup due to sleep interval vs a button press reset? In both cases the reset reason is 5.

I'm open to both hardware and firmware solutions.

I have also tried to simulate a possible circuit. But the GPIO12 (which I am trying to read as LOW right after ESP wakes up) does not hold on to the LOW value long enough for me to read it right after wake up.

Thank you in advance!
It's probably possible because the odds are good those two wakeup sources are two different interrupts, but it's not possible to say how you can differentiate them until you describe your firmware. It sounds like you're using some high-level environment, but you should describe your firmware in more detail.
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