So, there's a meme going around that's goes something like: "new car?" "Yeah, 400hp" "Cool, that's about 7000 ducks" "what?" "what?". Based on things like the Cloud to Butt Chrome extension, it occurred to me that people should really have an easy way to see the world through the lens of duckpower. Therefore, I decided I'd help people while also teaching myself the basics of browser extension writing by making a Chrome and Firefox extension called Duckpower 1.1. This extension not only translates the word "horsepower" to "duckpower", it also recomputes horsepower figures to duckpower. Based on a ratio of 48 duckpower to 1 horsepower, it will:
  • Turn "horsepower" into "duckpower"
  • Turn "nn.nn horsepower" into " duckpower"
  • Turn "nn.nn hp" into " dp"
Don't get stuck with last year's obsolete power measurement units. Switch from horsepower to duckpower! You can download the free extension for Chrome and Firefox at the links below.

Duckpower 1.1 Add-On for Mozilla Firefox
Duckpower 1.1 Extension for Google Chrome

Still amazing that you momentarily forgot about your plugin when looking up the horsepower for a particular train engine during your live stream the other day.
I did try the extension on Chrome.

Here's my rating:

It is hilariously funny, and I love it. Unfortunately, I did have to uninstall it, as it eventually got really repetitive, but other than that, it is a great extension.

I would give it 4.5 stars.
I rate the generic duck icons on both the extension icon and the chrome store icon too lame for me to keep on my computer. Would reinstall if more creative icons are implemented. 3/5 stars.
Haha very good Smile.

Never written an extension, were there any significant learning's out of it?
I have been given the power...the power of duckpower.

Great work, gave it 5 stars Cool
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