Best NES game?
Super Mario Bros 3
 66%  [ 18 ]
 11%  [ 3 ]
 0%  [ 0 ]
The Legend of Zelda
 18%  [ 5 ]
Final Fantasy
 3%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 27

It's been slow going w/ the pandemic but figured I'd give an update on NESizm.

Since release I've fixed a few issues with scanline rendering around something called Sprite 0 Hits and interrupts on MMC3. MMC3 is arguably the most popular mapper since it is used for most of the later popular games in the NES lifecycle. This fixes issues with the status bar seen in SMB1 and SMB3.

I added Rambo-1 mapper support, which is honestly mostly for Shinobi. The other games are just meh IMO.

I'm working on sound support now.

This started with a fairly involved review on the sound generation I did with the 1-bit serial port on Prizoop. I analyzed the voltage levels coming out of the serial port and figured out how quickly the voltage was rising and falling, which allowed me to make more informed decisions on the trade-offs between scratchiness and distortion.

So I made substantial improvements to the sound in Prizoop. I also sped up emulation by about 10% there as well using some concepts I developed in NESizm. So I may do a minor Prizoop release in the coming weeks.

Back to Nesizm: with the improved sound setup, now that I have about half of the wave generators working properly, specifically the pulse generators which are arguably the most complex. I expect to finish all sound generators soon and then decide if I want to add anything else before another official release.

Hope everyone is staying safe.
I have released v0.95 now w/ full sound support, Rambo-1 mapper support, screen stretching using a fun frame interlacing technique, and lots of bug fixes.

Will post a new binary to the cemetech archives shortly!
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