Hello Everyone.

I've been messing around with programming with TI-BASIC for several years now, but I've never made anything into a functional, finished(ish) product. Until now.

This version is fairly basic in design and gameplay (no pun intended), using text-based graphics and a lack of occupations and material management that the game is typically known for. However, my rendition allows you to have 3 nameable characters, 3 modes (Standard, Trail of Tears, and Hardcore), a working health and shop system, and a few Easter eggs.

I'd love if you would run through the program yourself and see how it is. While I have done some bug testing with some classmates of mine, there may still be some that we haven't discovered.

Thanks! Very Happy
Hey, this seems pretty cool!

You may want to check out this thread if you need any ideas. I like the idea of different difficulties and namable characters. I'm excited to see what Easter eggs you plan to implement! Very Happy

If you need any help, don't be afraid to ask questions here. Good luck! Smile
What platform are you doing it on?
xMarminq_ wrote:
What platform are you doing it on?

It's for the Ti-84, but since it's mostly text-based I think it'll work on most calculators.
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