Presenting Dysphoria, an epic knex ball machine!

Over here are more images:

Old post:

Well, I guess the knex madness will never end on my side.
That is why I have been constructing a new ball machine since quite some time now, and I decided to make a teaser about it!

For more pictures check out my website!
That is awesome! Can't wait to see it in action! That thing is absolutely gigantic! Nice work! Smile
The Youtube thumbnail looked like a fractal at first, until I examined further Shock

Anyway I can't wait to see it in action Smile
Pretty sweet. I used to love building giant marble-ramps out of legos.
Believe it or not, but this ball machine is done now!
Check out the vid:

Head over here to see more pics:

I hope you'll like it!
I dig it Smile How many balls can you get going through there at once?
I built one of these from a set once. It was what the instructions said, though, not original. But I did do some heavy modification to the top.
That's pretty intense! nice job
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