What is the best completed project of March 2019?
Boxman Arcade Cabinet!
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Total Votes : 8

March saw quite the plethora of program progress and publication; be sure to check them out!

  • Battleship: BasicTH unveiled his newest project, Battleship: a graphically stunning port of the classic board game for the TI-84+CE. He has implemented most of the base game features as well as a simple AI; with more features on the way, the game is looking very promising, so go check out his progress!
  • BounCE - A relaxing bouncy ball 'simulator': Legoman314 has completed his first program, BounCE, a satisfying simulation of bouncing balls written in ICE. Taking after iPhoenix's older BASIC implementation, BounCE features customizable colors, ball shapes, and gravity mechanics. The source code is included in thread, with a download link in the archives, so try the game out for yourself!
  • Boxman Arcade Cabinet! [COMPLETE 3-17-2019]: Botboy3000's arcade machine for the game Boxman was recently placed in an actual arcade! The machine and game are both made nearly from scratch, with Botboy3000 putting in countless hours into the construction and design; check out the thread to see where it is now, and congratulate him on his achievement!
  • Epic Adventure:: slimeenergy unveiled his newest game Epic Adventure, a text adventure featuring hundreds of storylines and scenarios for the player to explore. He will continue to develop scenes and options for the player, so go check out his progress and leave some suggestions for the story!
  • FontLibC---C library for fancy fonts on the TI-84 Plus CE: DrDnar showed off FontLibC, a C library for the TI-84+CE that better supports text displaying and font rendering in games and other programs. A GitHub repo is linked in the thread, so do take a look if you'd like to utilize this very useful library for your next project.
  • Fruit Ninja CE [C]: Michael2_3B has made stunning progress on Fruit Ninja CE, a port of the classic slice-and-dice mobile game. He has implemented a host of graphical and programmatic improvements, with some impressive screenshots/gifs to boot. Go check it out!
  • Grammer 2- The App: Xeda112358 has continued development for her programming language Grammer, which now features additional user-input and floating point commands. She has also provided an update download link and some additional screenshots, so do check out the thread and try out Grammer for yourself!
  • Latest News on Star Trek: ACagliano showed off a major update for his multiplaer Star Trek battle game. He has redone the GUI and improved many of the game's core features (of which there are many). There are ample screenshots and demos in the thread, so take a look and give him your feedback!
  • LoopOver CE [C]:: matkeller19 unveiled a wonderful little game called LoopOver CE, a puzzle akin to a 2D Rubik's cube where the player has to shift rows and columns of numbers to place them in order. Be sure to check it out and give him your feedback.
  • Nuclear Reactor Simulator [84+CE BASIC]: SM84CE has released a new version of his text-based nuclear reactor simulation game. The game has lots of depth and features, so give it a try and leave him your suggestions for future features.
  • Orbit Game (TI-84+ CE): Michael2_3B showed off some new screenshots for his orbital mechanics game, specifically of improved rocket launch graphics. The game looks very promising, so do check it out!
  • PLATFORM (A Platformer): SomeCoolGuy unveiled his new BASIC platformer game PLATFORM for the TI-84+CE where the player must navigate a series of obstacle tiles to progress to further levels. He has so far implemented basic player controls and movement as well as a simple level editing scheme. Check out the thread for some screenshots, or try out the version written in Scratch!
  • prgmNUMSORT (TI-84 Plus Silver [Monochrome]): Jasonpm has begun a mathematical BASIC program to categorize numbers based on various properties. With help from other Cemetech members, he has implemented code to check for happy/unhappy as well as odious/evil numbers. Don't know what those are? Check out the thread and leave your feedback!
  • Pyscheron - A rebuild of E:ToR: Iambian showed off progress on his Python port of Escheron: Twilight over Ragnoth, implementing more menu features and better data handling. The thread also features many impressive screenshots, so go take a look and leave some feedback!
  • ScriptCE, A LUA-Like scripting language for the TI-84+CE: calclover2514 completed ScriptCE, a scripting language and interpreter for the TI-84+CE which emulates Lua. The program features an easy-to-use GUI for program development and execution, all written in ICE. Head over to the thread and try it out for yourself!
  • SolitiCE: BasicTH has released version 2.0 of his port of the card game Solitaire for the TI-84+CE, featuring new graphics, scoring customization, and a classic Solitaire feature that I'll leave to you to check out. The download link is also posted in the thread, so try it out and give BasicTH your feedback.
  • Tanks! CE: commandblockguy has continued work on his port of the Wii Play game Tanks! onto the TI-84+CE, this month showing off some AI improvements and new screenshots. The game is already graphically impressive with many features still on the way, so check out the thread and leave your suggestions!
  • Village: _iPhoenix_ resumed progress on his esoteric programming language Village. The language is built upon a town of "villagers" which the programmer tells to execute various "tasks" which translate to various program commands. Give the language a try and leave your feeback!
  • Xenon Development thread | ICE Shell: Alvajoy123 has released some major updates to Xenon, a shell for developing and executing programs on the TI-84+CE written in ICE. He has managed to greatly reduce the size of the shell and thus insert additional features, so give it a try!

That's it for March; be sure to vote for your favorite completed project, and check back soon for the April PotM!
The description of my project is a bit wrong. The Scratch version of my program's actually a level editor that's going to have a version of PLATFORM in it soon.
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