So, I now have an Nspire CX. I have OS 3.1 that I can put on it, when I get to that point.

I'm just curious what kind of dev environment we have that allows us to write Lua and send it to the calc? What I found on is that it's incorporated with OS 3.2, so everything can be done right there.

So basically, looking for the stuff to get started, any help on this would be greatly appreciated!
Oh, this totally applies to me as well. I especially want to know if there's an on-calc Lua editor, or if I need to write programs computer-side and then transfer them to the calculator.
Everything you need to know about the API (which was changed a lot, and for good, with OS 3.2), is here : It covers most of the essential API (although the latest things aren't fully documented yet), with syntax, descirption, examples...
It's based off the official API documentation by TI ( ).

Some theory and practice tutorials are available on , however Steve Arnold has created a very well done set of tutorials, that go from beginner to advanced level, here : .

The "best" way to code in the Nspire-Lua language is probably to get the Nspire Computer Software 3.2 which has its integrated Nspire-Lua SDK. You can create 3.1-compatible scripts within that 3.2 software, btw. (creating a document with only a lua script, and putting ' platform.apilevel = "1.0" ' at the beginning of the script.)

I however presented new ways to code with alternative editors during my T^3 speech, which you can find here (powerpoint and/or PDF) : (the docs are also about improving one's lua skills by optimizations). A more beginner-friendly doc about improving one's skill in Nspire Lua can be found here :

There are several ways to code on-calc, the main one being the tool made by Extended : OcLua

I believe that if you have some Nspire-Lua oriented questions, you can post on TI-Planet (don't worry about English), since we do a lot of that there, and we'll be glad to help Smile
Thanks Adri! I currently have my brother over (He's military, been gone for the last 9 months in Kuwait) so I'll try to look at this in much greater detail this coming week. Hopefully once I get a development environment set up, things will go very well, since Lua seems like it is an easy language.
So, I found and downloaded this

Plus shaun showed me this

And we can use Notepad++ to write the code. Smile Going to try out a tutorial, see if I can't get something to work.
Thanks from me as well. I'm in a slightly different position, in that I know some Lua but I don't know the Nspire-specific APIs. It sounds to me as if the Nspire APIs are more event-driven than what I'm used to programming with Lua, not that I have a problem with that. I'd prefer an on-calculator Lua coding solution, if possible; is there anything (perhaps in Lua?) that doesn't require Ndless?
Sorry to revive an old thread but yes, there is an on calc lua editor, no ndless required. It has syntax highlighting (customizable), full featured saving and running and much more.
timedia wrote:
Sorry to revive an old thread but yes, there is an on calc lua editor, no ndless required. It has syntax highlighting (customizable), full featured saving and running and much more.

Yes, nowadays Jens' script editor is the reference on-calc Lua editor, with very nice features.
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