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OK so as punishment for my absence of late I have only found out about this contest TODAY :S.

As such I would like to try and get an entry going ... but it's going to be pretty budget *if* at all.

That said I was thinking about a small rail simulator that would be very, VERY basic. The target platform will be the good ol' CSE or CE in z80.

The chance of success is very small however, so I'm apologising in advance if I dont make it.
I wish you A LOT of luck. The final dates tomorrow. One game a day isn't easy.
Good luck. I tried for over 2 months. Game was too big and I couldn't do it, so I'm finishing at a later date. Maybe you'll make it in 1 day.
Good luck, tr1p1ea! I'll be rooting for you to finish in time for the deadline, for sure.
There has been a bit of a disaster at work which will require me to be out for the rest of the day, sadly I doubt that I'll be able to complete a submission ... which sucks Sad.
tr1p1ea wrote:
There has been a bit of a disaster at work which will require me to be out for the rest of the day, sadly I doubt that I'll be able to complete a submission ... which sucks Sad.
Oh no! I hope that it turns out you can submit a little something after all, but I understand if work prevents you. a those things that people pay you to do that are not programming calculators.
OK So I'm not going to make it, but I think I have done ok for the day ... I ended up re-purposing an old mode7 technique that I used on the CSE a while ago. Basically the intent was to have a 2d map editor that you could build a track on, then you could drive on the track in pseudo-3D to check it out!

Here is pretty much the only meaningful screenie of the engine with a simple test track (ignore the debug stuff):

Of course there are bugs in the rendering and the movement and I never even made a start on the track editor ... :/.
WOW! That is some crazy awesome stuff! To bad you didn't have time to make it into a full game...
This is looking great! It's a good start to a game, I think you should still take the time to finish it even though the deadline was yesterday. Sure you won't win, but this could still be an awesome project, it's one of the only 3D projects for the CSE (off the top of my head, only 1 other comes to mind and that is JamesV's Zargul CSE/CE)
Oh man, that is so incredibly cool. I really want to try making a Train Simulator type game for the calculators, now. Sad
All right! After quite a while I found this game, and after getting support from Kerm Here to necro-post. I'd like to throw in my support to see a full release of this game for the CE. Smile
Although you'd have to re-write it, I'm hoping the new 3D engine for the CE could make it a little easier for you.
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