For my first contest I will be using ArTICL to interface with Arduinos. My idea for the land contest is to make a wifi-based geolocation program that uses the Google Maps Directions API to send directions to a calculator by using an esp8266 and Arduino. While waiting for the esp8266 module to arrive I worked on my project for the water part of the contest. Below is a video of the progress:

There are two Arduinos - a receiver and transmitter. Both use a NRF24L01 to communicate to make it "radio controlled". The user uses the "up" arrow to move forward, "left" and "right" arrows to move in the respective directions, and the "down" arrow to stop the motors from spinning.

Todo for the boat:

- Make circuit more permanent by soldering components to perfboard
- Make a waterproof case for the electronics
- Make better UI for Calculator Program
- Fix error in which some keypresses in rapid succession do not register on the transmitting Arduino.

I have yet to come up with an idea for the air part of the contest.

If I win one of the contests I would like to opt to get an Amazon gift card.
These screenshots look really good, deuteriumoxide! Keep up the good work. And good luck on the boat- it looks really complicated!

Good Idea Very Happy
This is very neat! I haven't seen ArTICL and the ti-84 plus being used a lot lately, so it's nice to see they haven't been forgotten. Seems like you've got the bulk of it done and it's now down to finishing touches. Good luck with this project, and good luck in the competition! Also remember you can skip one of the three categories and replace it with space if you don't have any ideas for air. Maybe something like this CC13 related thing since it appears you are willing to put quite a bit of effort into your entries, and it would go with your theme of nonconformism Razz
Unfortunately, I did not finish my wifi-geolocation project for the land part of CC20; however, I did complete the calculator controlled boat in time for the water part of CC20. Here is the completed boat.

Moving Forwards:

Turning Left:

Testing in a Pond:

Link to project Calculator Controlled Boat using ArTICL

Schematics are included in the zip file in the archives.
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