(1). Using the buffer is one of the things I can't seem to implement/understand in ICE. Whenever I try to use it, something like the second image that I posted happens.
This is what I do:

[i]Draw Some Stuff (Sprites, Rectangles, Etc.)

But I can never seem to get it right

I figured it out!
Look at these smoooooooth graphics

(2). Dangit. Well at least it's not a pencil Razz
Hey Everybody!

I've released my air entry into the archives. It's called "The Plain Plane Game".

This game is a basic "shoot em' up" game, involving planes and missiles making things
go boom. It gets increasingly difficult as you complete levels.

Please Note: I do know that there are some graphical bugs, I only had 4 days to make this, so they will be fixed in the near future. It is still perfectly playable.

Here's a Screenshot

After looking back at my CC20 programs (primarily Escape The Buoy), I came to the conclusion that I should probably update/improve them. I'm mainly focusing on implementing double-buffering and the ability to save. I may even add some more levels and game modes. School gets out for me in 3 days (woop woop), so I'll be able to work on this (as well as The Oregon Trail) a lot more often. Smile
My CC21 program is a good example of appvar save and load...

***SM84CE hides

Good luck with those last few days...
Hey guys,

I've spent a little time updating my Headlights CE game. The game now has a high score with automatic saving as well as more challenging gameplay!

Download it here:

The screenshot of the game is corrupted because I haven't updated CEmu in a while Razz, but I can assure you it looks fine.
Escape the buoy looks like a pixelated Raft. Smile It gives me an excuse to get this game instead of buying Raft on Steam.
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