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Air entry:
Sea entry:
Land entry:

I don't know if I'll make a separate thread for each program, but for now, here is my land program (written in ICE for the TI-84 Plus CE):

The blue rectangle represents a car (I have yet to make sprites). You will be able to move backwards, forwards, up and down to dodge obstacles that scroll across the screen.

I have working acceleration (see gif below) but the clipping is being weird (i. e. the whole screen is clipped)... there appears to be no difference between det(36 and det(42, and det(43 appears to just break everything...

It's a start.

I added in moving traffic cones. The blue/green shadows things only appear in the gif, not in the actual program.

I also added the distance tracker for scoring.

Things I still need to do:
-car sprite
-fix the car clipping
-add collision detection
-title screen and scoring
-possibly a shop
Dang, two days in and your program already looks great! I haven't even finished typing my third line of code yet. Razz
Thanks! The only thing I'm concerned about is how slow the car will move, I will either have to make the car hop a bunch of pixels to speed it up, or slow down the cones which could make them look choppy. I'll have to work on it some. Depending on how fast it can run with collision detection I could make the cone movement even smoother. I leave for West Virginia in less than a week so I have somewhat of a tight time frame...
Okay, an update. Here is a working menu. I also added an instructions screen.

EDIT: I named the game Swerve (for now). Also, the cones move slower on the actual calc, I will have to mess with timings a little bit.

That looks awesome Very Happy They are indeed a bit too fast in my opinion, but keep up the good work!
The game is basically done except for the actual car sprite! See the gif at the bottom of this post!

So I couldn't really get clipping to work. Unfortunately, you cannot be in between lanes anymore. There are only 3 possible y coordinates because I am redrawing the car instead of clipping it. Since my last post, here are the updates:

-Added car movement
-Added collision detection
-Added loss screen

I have tried to make it so that it is never impossible, and I think I did it pretty well. Sometimes the cones spawn in places that make it extremely difficult, but I'm not going to deal with that.

2 current bugs:
-Sometimes a ghost image of the car is left behind when you move up and down. It does not affect anything and is erased when cones move by it. I do not know why this is happening.
-Cones get "stuck" at the front of the lanes. Again, it is a ghost image that does not affect anything. This is caused by the game making sure that all obstacles are navigable and not impossible, but I'm not quite sure why.

By the looks of that game. I feel like this contest is going to be harder than ever. THAT IS AMAZING. Boy am I going to fail in this contest.
Here's my potential fix for the second problem (two options):
1) Wait to draw the sprite until after the checks are done.
2) Draw a sprite there that is the same shape as the cone but the same color as the road (if collision checks are part of the algorithm), and change it to the normal cone sprite when needed.
My response to _iPhoenix_ is below. The following is a progress update.

I added the car sprite, changed the title screen, and added "m" (for meters) behind the distance.

The game is basically done. I probably won't work on it anymore, and will upload it July 1st, which is when I leave. I will be back on July 9th.

Unfortunately the two issues aforementioned still exist and I don't think there is any good way to fix them. Luckily they don't affect gameplay, and are only visual.

_iPhoenix_ wrote:
Here's my potential fix for the second problem (two options):
1) Wait to draw the sprite until after the checks are done.
2) Draw a sprite there that is the same shape as the cone but the same color as the road (if collision checks are part of the algorithm), and change it to the normal cone sprite when needed.

1) I do. Which is why I don't know why it is still happening.
2) I tried that, but drawing the eraser sprite after I do the checks doesn't always catch it, and drawing the eraser sprite every time the cones are redrawn causes a flicker for cones that would normally be fine. I think it looks better with 1 in every 100 cones getting "stuck" then with the flicker for every cone.
Like I said before, I am basically done with Swerve. The bugs are here to stay Sad

In other news, I was concept testing today and started my sea entry (programmed in ICE). Notice how everything is controlled with y=, window, zoom, trace, and graph. When I scroll through the captain's log I don't touch the arrow keys.

I think it looks really good. I am quite pleased with it so far.

Right now I think dankcalculatorbro is doing better the PT_... I can't wait to see your air program because both your land and sea programs are looking great!!! Maybe for the home screen intro add some moving fishies Smile
Looking pretty spiffy! Very Happy
I never really explained my water entry so I mind as well show off some screenshots and stuff.
You must travel a distance under water. Every time you advance, your oxygen depletes and you run into a random "obstacle" (such as a monster fight, ect.). If your oxygen or health reaches 0, you lose. Every time you encounter a new obstacle an entry will be added to your captain's log telling you about your choices. This is a turn based game.

Okay, I'm going to play through one random obstacle to give an idea of the program:

We start a new game and see that we have a new entry in our log (indicated by the exclamation marks)

Checking our log, we see that there are 2 entries uncovered and the rest not yet discovered. So we back out of the log and hit advance.

We run into a random obstacle. This time, it is mysterious wreckage. We see that there is a new entry in the log, because this is our first time uncovering this obstacle.

We have a new entry, "WRECKAGE". We will read it to learn about our choices.

It appears from the entry that at the cost of ship health and oxygen we could acquire scrap to fix our submarine. We back out and choose to scavenge the wreckage.

We now must choose a piece of rubble to search. We choose the circle.

Unfortunately, we didn't find any scrap and wasted some oxygen. However, we weren't attacked in the process.

We hit okay and we are ready to advance again and encounter a new obstacle.

-Captain's Log (not all of the entries but the mechanics. Entries will be added as new obstacles are added)
-Some spritework
-Health, distance, and oxygen meters
-some obstacles

-repairing your sub (I had this half done last night when it ram cleared Sad )
-add more obstacles and their log entries
The game looks great right now!!! Just one suggestion... can you add animated moving fishies in the background please Razz Can't wait to try out this game... if you put it in the archives.
Okay, I submitted my land entry to contest[at]cemetech.net. I hope that was the right place. If not, see a download below.

EDIT: changed the link to now that it was accepted into archives


I will be gone for the next week. This will be my last post until I get back. And yes, TheGeekyScientist, there will be entry animations for creatures when they attack you.
I will be gone for the next week. This will be my last post until I get back. And yes, TheGeekyScientist, there will be entry animations for creatures when they attack you.

Yea! That just makes everything better. I'm still not sure If I'll have enough time to get my land entry in... I will have to work hard. As for you, you're doing great!!!.[/quote]
I'm back from vacation and I have submitted my land entry to archives. Again, a download is listed at the beginning of this thread. I didn't want this to be a super short post so here's a quick update (flickering is caused by emulator).

Battle mechanics need to be updated... I deleted the last implementation of fighting because there was no strategy involved, so now I need to remake that and the AI (which is what I want to finish next).
I finally finished battle mechanics. The way it works is you must charge before you can attack, but while charging you are vulnerable to enemy attacks. I need to improve the AI and add more than one monster to fight. I also think I need to punish the player the longer the battle runs because it can be pretty easy to cheat the system with infinite time.
The program is about 17100 bytes right now, but I'm trying to optimize it.

(the gif is really long but you get the idea)
The only thing I thought about after watching that GIF was, "BattleSquid lost" Laughing
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