Okay, so I'm no wiz at redstone, but I was trying to recreate something Etho made in an LP that interpreted buckets of water and tools (each a bit) to store memory easily. The problem I'm having is that only one item can be in the dispenser at a time, and no matter how I try to lock the hopper (redstone block, torch, repeater) it seems to BUD power the dispenser (I think, because it doesn't work then). How do I lock the hopper without this happening?

As you can see, my current circuit detects if there is an item in the dispenser, and pushes the redstone block over the hopper if there is.

EDIT: I realize that the redstone would pop off the piston, but with other methods BUD powering is still an issue

Note: Only when I add a hopper lock in is there a problem, so I'm almost completely sure that is the problem. Also, the water will fire from the dispenser but not be picked up.
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