I am trying to write a solitaire game for my calculator in ICE as an assembly version does not exist. All I have is a basic home screen, a background that is drawn on the spot for the game screen, and number randomization that is broken. In short, I need help I am clueless, and I will have a link to the project on github shortly.
I am truly sorry... I made it about a month ago...

You can still try to make it even better than mine, however! This project helped me in my ICE experience, so it should also be a great project for you to learn about the language! Very Happy
Before trying to make a large, complex game like solitaire, try to make the smallest working version you can and build from there. When you reach an issue or something that you can't figure out, ask a question here. I would suggest creating, as your first version, a program that displays a shape as a placeholder for a card on a green background. Once you do that, then you can make it store the positions of and draw multiple cards, then you can make sprites for them, etc. What experience do you have in ice?
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