xMarminq_ wrote:
You could use constant night vision so the lights don't get in the way...

(From the screenies)

Go to the .minecraft folder (look it up)
Go to options.txt
Change the number where it says "gamma:" to 100.0 (should look like "gamma:100.0")

You now have a vanilla fullbright hack. You are welcome.
Thanks for that suggestion. I might try it.

The Speedster Death Match, by popular demand, is set for tonight. This will occur any time from 7 to 9pm EST, so stay tuned to Skype/Discord. If our top 4 cannot make it, the match will default to tomorrow night instead. Spectators welcome!
Well, friends, sadly, the Speedster PvP series has ended. After 5 qualifiers, and two death matches, the winner of this series is LittleMoonBeam. She was on top of the leaderboard throughout the qualifiers, earning her a spot in the Speedster Death Match, alongside commandblockguy, GregsAStar, and Hedgehogs4you. The four of them competed in the death match to determine who would play as Black Flash in the series finale. Hedgehogs4you won the first Death Match and took that honor.

Hedgehogs4You as Black Flash

After 2 rounds in the finale, no one managed to kill anyone. So, by common consent, for the final round I removed the regeneration beacon effect and added resistance 2. This round went off faster, with commandblockguy dealing the most damage to Hedgehogs4you and LittleMoonBeam dealing the killing blow. Both received a single Speed-19 potion as a prize, and all competitors were able to keep their speedster-dyed armor, and some of the prizes in the arena prize chest.

GregsAStar as Flash, LittleMoonBeam as Reverse Flash, and commandblockguy as Godspeed try to beat Black Flash

Special thanks to everyone who participated in this themed series. Special thanks to comicIDIOT for supplying us the Speed-14 and 19 potions, and to commandblockguy for his work on the /pvp plugin that helped streamline this event, and trying to assist me with the lightning before I finally gave up and just did small clips by hand, frame by frame.

Match video: https://youtu.be/sIfRZSACcXA (Make sure you watch to the end -- there's a treat)
The panoramic, moving camera shots in the beginning and end are courtesy of Replay Mod.

Edit: Admins, can I get some of my earlier pvp threads deleted/merged/archived?
The next arena theme (and the last before I start work for the summer) will be Harry Potter related. Players joining this series will be sorted into a "house" randomly and will play for that house for the entirety of the series.

When the event begins, players will have a time limit (possibly from 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the number of participants) to scour my town, looking for specially-marked event chests (see screenshots). These chests may contain potion materials, potions, experience bottles, enchantment tables, enchanted books, enchanted equipment, and more. You will have the time to gather as much stuff as you can.

When the time is up, you must immediately return to the arena and engage in a Team Death Match. You may use only materials that you found/made during the event. You may not use any of your own gear at this time. Points will be awarded to the winning houses in the following manner:

Last Team Standing: 3 points
Second Place: 2 points
Third Place: 1 point
Last Place: 0 points

After the Team Death Match, there will then be a Free-for-All. At this point, you may use standard iron gear/tipped arrows, and any potions you so desire except for invisibility and strength. The last player standing at this point wins 2 points for his or her house.


The Hogwarts logo, now occupying the arena

Specially-marked Harry Potter event chest.

The first match of this series will occur on this Saturday, at ~7pm EST.
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