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Hello Cemetech! This is my first ever contest ever, and I want it to be special. For the game I am going to be making, it is mostly going to going to involve stealth, but nothing about spies.

The Idea:
The core idea for the game so far is you are a trainee ninja, tasked with your first ever mission; break into the Dragon Temple and steal the Spirit Scroll. If you succeed, your village will celebrate, and you will be awarded plenty. If you fail, the consequences will be terrible.

The Game:
The actual game will be a simple side scroller, with some puzzles, and a lot of traps. It will include multiple levels, and a boss fight (or two). I'll try to keep it small though so it can fit in one appvar (or two). The code will be written in ICE.

The Checklist:
Game Idea - 100%
Sprites - 70%
Enemy Sprites - 80%
Animations - 40%
Level Design - 60%
Game Mechanics - 30%
Enemy AI - 0%
Bosses - 0%
Optimization - 0%

Last update: 9/21/2019 7:21 pm

The Rest:
If anyone else had this idea, I'm sorry (I can't exactly read minds). If anyone thinks this is a bad idea (or a good one), be sure to post your thoughts below. I will credit everyone and everything appropriately. Also, if I don't manage to finish this project in time for CC23 due to school/homework, I'll try to get it done as soon as possible. This is my first ever committed project, so I'll see how it goes. I guess that's it, for now! Very Happy
Sounds good! CC22 is what first got me seriously coding for the calculator (I used ICE as well), and it may well be the same for you. Just donít make it overly ambitious, or you probably wonít finish, especially if you have a lack of programming experience. Focus on getting a completed program done, then build on it if time allows. ALWAYS back up your files on your computer and keep files in the archive if you program oncalc.

Thatís all from me, good luck with your submission! Iíd be happy to help if you have any questions, Iím alright at ICE.
Thanks for the inspiration and the offer for help Very Happy! And don't worry, I won't go over my limit. I'm gonna keep it nice and small in the beginning, maybe just one level and no bosses, but I'll be sure to improve it later on!
I got a little issue: when using convpng on my tileset, TILES.txt only says

| convpng v7.2
| this file contains all the converted graphics

Why is this happening? Also, TILES.8xv is generated, but when I send it to my calc it just loads forever and never finishes the sending. Anyone know why either one of these things is happening?

Edit: By the way, what is TYPE_HEIGHT and TYPE_WIDTH in DefineTilemap? I pretty sure I've figured out the rest...
Ok I tried doing it myself and it ended up failing A LOT. Couldn't even take a screenshot, but basically the screen started drawing random green rectangles everywhere with blue lines for 30 secs before continuing to the rest of the program.
But I did record what I am doing...
I'm gonna clear up my questions, if anyone knows the answers to them:
1. This may sound really dumb, but what are the TYPE_WIDTH and TYPE_HEIGHT parameters for in DefineTilemap?

2. After converting my Tilemap, it creates TILES.8xv and TILES.txt. ICE documentation says to copy-paste the contents of TILES.txt as the parameters for LoadData, but all TILES.txt contains is

| convpng v7.2
| this file contains all the converted graphics

Where are my parameters?!

3. After converting my Tilemap, I can't seem to send TILES.8xv to my calc. TI-Connect never finishes loading.

If you have questions or solutions (Laughing), please post them below! Thanks!
I'm no ICE expert (and definitely not a C expert) but I'll give it my best shot.

Information regarding TYPE_WIDTH/HEIGHT can be found here (Some other useful information is in the C Header Documentation as well even though you are using ICE). I haven't played around with tilemaps in ICE so I can't exactly help with the other two questions but correcting this might solve the other problems as well.
Thanks for replying! I'm guessing from the site that it means the width/height of your tile... I'll try that out next!

Anyway, my other two questions still stand, so I'd appreciate some more help from ya'll! Thanks!
Hey Argus, sorry I didnít respond to this earlier. I havenít ever used a tile so so I didnít really know how to answer. Here are some resources that are worth checking out, though:

-PT_ís ICE wiki, which contains a bit about creating, loading, and displaying tile maps
-The ICE commands list, which also contains some stuff about tile maps

I hope this helps, let me know if you have any more questions.
Thanks for those as well. I've already looked into the first one, but the second one really answers my TYPE_WIDTH and TYPE_HEIGHT question. Anyway, I'm still not sure about my other two problems... I don't know what causes them. I've gone over the instructions time and time again, but it never changes, and I can't find my mistake. But thanks for the help anyways!
Argus wrote:
Thanks for those as well. I've already looked into the first one, but the second one really answers my TYPE_WIDTH and TYPE_HEIGHT question. Anyway, I'm still not sure about my other two problems... I don't know what causes them. I've gone over the instructions time and time again, but it never changes, and I can't find my mistake. But thanks for the help anyways!

I might check out the ConvTile documentation- I know that for ConvPNG, there was a makefile that you had to configure in order to get the graphics. It just told ConvPNG what to convert, toggled compression on/off, etc. I also know that on Windows 7, it was a text document or something with a little gear icon, and said "ConvPNG configuration" or something similar. Be sure to save the file after you change it, or otherwise your changes won't take effect.

Again, I don't know much about this, just giving the help that I can.
Can you send me your tilesheet and your convpng.ini file. Otherwise people are just going to keep guessing and nothing will be solved.

I don't understand. Do you want to put your tilesheet in an appvar? In which case what makes you think the text file would contain any data if it is inside the appvar?!
Here is a link to the folder where I keep everything:

Do you want to put your tilesheet in an appvar?

Yes, but I want to know what the parameters for LoadData() are, which can be found in the text file.

Edit: I did a lot more testing to find the root of the problem, and I think it might be convpng itself... I tried it on both my computers (Mac and Windows), and I tried converting an Image that I already converted once successfully, making sure I had the same .ini file. Out of all my trials, none succeeded in creating a working .8xv file. I also tried re-downloading it, but it didn't change at all. That's pretty much all the info I can supply.
The issue is not convpng, and 99.9% of the time it never will be.

In you convpng.ini file you have this line:

#PNGImages          : caves

That is not at all how files are supposed to be supplied. It should even tell you that there are zero images converted when you run convpng. Images are supposed to be as a list on separate lines. This is what your convpng.ini file *should* look like:

#AppvarICE          : TILES

#GroupICE           : tileset_gfx
#OutputPaletteArray : false
#Tilemap            : 12,19,true
#Palette            : xlibc

The 8xv doesn't work because there's literally no data inside of it. I HIGHLY recommend you read the actual readme for convpng rather than some obscure tutorial: README HERE
Ok, thanks. The .ini file was like that because a person who does not wish to reveal their identity said I shouldn't put it on the next line, even. though I objected. Afterward, I just forgot. But thanks for helping me out! Already working on my code.
Good luck! Looking forward to seeing what you make Smile
Thank you! But I have another problem, hoping it's a quick fix.
Some of my tiles are displaying incorrectly:

(It's huge Shock)
Some of the first tiles on the tilemap (like stone) display correctly. But tiles towards the end (like small waterfall) are just random memory. Other tiles just seem to be random. The overall shape of the map looks correct though, just with the wrong tiles. I'm using the same tileset as the one in the google drive https://drive.google.com/open?id=1l5MKa58uRB5uKisTZqxhB4TaaoEweEsj
and the same csv file after converting. What do you think might cause this?
Maybe that could be an Easter egg?
/me runs
I have two theories:
1) Did you set a custom color palette at any point in the program (as this WILL change what is currently on the screen to the new palette)?
2) Your tileset AppVar appears to be corrupted. Try converting it with convpng again and see if it works.

This is NOT caused by the converted CSV file, so don't worry about re-converting that, just re-convert the tileset image.
I didn't set a custom palette anywhere, but I'll try reconverting. I think that I already have though, but I'll give it another shot.
Edit: Sadly, that doesn't seem to be the case Sad. I get the same results as above.
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