I would like to use a voltmeter as an analog display for an arduino, eg i want to control the position of the needle with the arduino. I am assuming it's more complex than just putting the + of the voltmeter to the arduino PWM pin and the - to GND, but cant find anything on the internet. All the results i find are about measuring voltage with an arduino, not controlling a voltmeter from an arduino Sad
You can use a low-pass filter to create a variable voltage output from the PWM: https://hackaday.com/2011/06/16/beginner-concepts-using-a-low-pass-filter-to-smooth-pwm-output/. You might need to incorporate an amplifier to boost the output voltage, but the general concept should work.
I suspect that the coil in the voltmeter's dial might already provide enough smoothing that you might not need to bother with an external smoothing filter of any sort, but if you find that you do, I'd definitely go with jonbush's suggestion. And indeed, you'll need to scale 0-5V to the range of the voltmeter's dial.
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