Back in 2013 I posted that I uncovered an old game I made, probably the first thing I ever coded in Z80, called zRPG. Although I misplaced the source code a second time and didn't refind it again until 2017 which I just recently uploaded.

Well, it's been many many years since I coded that, so I have started working on zRPG2.

I've decided to livestream the entire thing on my Twitch from the calculator itself, meaning I'm coding the entire thing using Mimas. I have the TI-Presenter so I can record the calculator's screen with my capture card and I have the TI-Keyboard for quick and comfy coding. So the entire thing will be written hopefully on a physical TI-84+.

I kinda stream at random times and not very long so I don't expect people to watch, so I set the channel to archive all the streams.

How will zRPG2 play? Well, if you played the original zRPG (which you probably haven't Razz), it's basically a dungeon crawler where you need to find your way to the top, fighting turn-based battles with random encounters along the way, and beat the dragon there. This game will be a similar concept.

The game this time will actually utilize a nicer first-person perspective rather than the strange overhead view I did in the last game.

The last game was coded rather poorly so each dungeon took up a lot of space despite being so tiny, this time around I will code it much differently so the dungeons can be a lot larger. It's been 5+ years since I made the last one so I should be able to do a much better job.

I also plan to add currency and shops to this game, which is something not in the last one. Since the game will be longer, I'm also considering implementing a score feature.

So the gameplay mechanics is basically: find your way to the top of the dungeon, fight the dragon, beat him, and win. Each floor has a different, higher-level enemy and a new maze to complete. Get lost too long and you'll waste all your resources, find the exit too quick and you'll not be a high enough level to take on the next enemy type.

Dungeon floors are not going to be randomly generated but randomization is used in battles since it is an RPG. If you die, you go back to the beginning, so the challenge is to manage the battles well enough so that you are capable of defeating the boss.

That's basically it. I don't know if anyone's ever livestreamed a coding project from a physical calc but I thought it'd be fun. It's also not so complex that it shouldn't take me ages to write it so I thought it'd be fitting of a livestream.
I've actually played zRPG! I was wandering on ticalc when I found it. Didn't get too far though Razz I like the idea behind this, especially the livestream! I think it'll be interesting to see something on Twitch that's not game related, so I'm excited to see how this plays out Very Happy
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