Hello Very Happy
Here is the thread for my Oiram Packs.
Feel free to give comments and feedback, and if you are a guest reading this, sign up so I can hear yours!
The first pack is now released as soon as this post is posted and in fact attached here.

Here are the planned worlds to be released:
•Wooden Plateau
•Wet Shores
•Dry Dry Desert
•Wispy Clouds
•Green Land
•Retro World
•Leafy Jungle
•Lava Lakes
•Challenge World

All worlds will have 7 (Or maybe more) levels in them. Suggest a world in the reply box, and maybe ill make it!

W1 is currently being checked for viruses or something

Pop over to https://codewalr.us/index.php?topic=2063.msg56623#msg56623 if it isn't in the archives yet.
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