Here is a sneak peek at an rpg I'm making. The map you see is only a demo. The final will be a lot more impressive. (Hopefully). Tell me what you guys think Smile

Awesome! Is this pure ASM or Axe? If it's ASM, great, and if it's Axe, great as well! Very Happy
What are you going to add to this game? And what is the ultimate goal of this game?
Anyway, good luck and have fun! Smile
Its only Axe Razz

Well, originally I was going to ask DJ if he would let me make an Axe remake of his RL3, which is closed source, but I had the idea of checking out the source code first. Guess what - I'm not going to ask. It is way to complex.

In the end, I actually want to make an rpg similar to a reign of legends rpg.
Amazing! I love those graphics Very Happy What features will it have?

Can't wait to see the end result of this Smile
Well, I want to add several side quests, and add some puzzle features, like, for example, you must reach a certain point, hit a switch, or defeat a boss, which opens up a new route. Or, maybe like Reuben's quest, you will have to aguire certain tools to clear routes.
any progress on this? it looks really awesome!
Here is the main thread:
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