Hi everyone,

So I thought of more great ideas to implement and started coding right away but I've encountered an error and feel stuck

Here is what I have so far!


:Input "G^0f (Product)", A
:Input "G^0f (Reactant)", B
:Menu ("Select Option", "dG^0",1,"dG^0+RTln(Q)",2,"Exit",0
:Lbl 1
:Goto 0
:Lbl 2
:Input "Temp= ",C

Basically I want to have a program that encompasses all the equations I may or may not be using and depending on which option I use I enter in the input I have like G^0, or H^0rxn, I also want to incorporate a third option that allows me to do the S^0, H^0, Temp, to find S universe as well, and tells me spontaneity (basically the other post I made)

I think I am stuck at in putting R =8.3145 and Q = a number that is in mmHg / 760 torr and then I need to multiply that number based off the stochiometry of the reaction

sorry if I seem to be rambling, there too many ideas I am suddenly thinking of - but the more I think about it maybe label 2 is too hard to do...

This is what I am talking about for Q:

maybe another label option could be gibbs free energy where dG_rxn = dH_rxn - T(dS_rxn)
I have part of that coded as well..where it says


:Input "H^0: ",A
:Input "S^0: ",B
:Input "Temp: ",C
:Disp "G^0= ",X

But for this one I wanted it to tell me whether it would be product or reactant favored.

If G<0 then product favored
If G>0 then reactant favored

Thanks everyone - I'm kind of in a rush, if you need clarification please ask!

I'm not sure exactly what you are asking. Could you clarify exactly what it is you are wanting to do?
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