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UPDATE 4/8/2016 - Fixed a few typographical errors and inconsistencies.
Update 3/9/2016 - Fixed several bugs, including a few achievements being unachievable.

Why is it called "HOARSE"? I have no idea.

The official sequel to ADVENTUR, HOARSE is a surrealist game satirizing Donald Trump (and United States politics in general) in addition to the standard dose of insanity.

This game was created in AutoHotkey (which is not a great programming language for creating games) simply because it's what I know and use and has really good GUI support. I'll probably be porting it to eZ80 ASM for the 84+CE at some point, but for now here's an EXE file for use on Windows. (You should be able to run it using Wine/Mono on other platforms.)

DISCLAIMER: We tried to minimize any offense this game may cause you, but we may not be held responsible if you don't like it. No refunds.

Okay, serious now.

The original ADVENTUR game was heavily inspired by The Stanley Parable. It was just a string of random situations one after the other with only the illusion of choice; every choice either killed you, progressed you to the next stage, or (rarely) would allow you to win. There was a little bit of variation and branching paths, but they quickly converged. HOARSE is aiming to be "30% less linear (YMMV)" and have more content than the original ADVENTUR (though I think it's about even). There is also more secret content in HOARSE, and more sound effects!

When running this game on Windows 10, you have to click "More info" on the dialog that opens. Windows (and perhaps your antivirus) suspects this game because it is compiled on my home computer. If you'd like, you can take the source code (found here) and run it using AutoHotkey.

Pretty pictures here!

Have fun, and don't take any of it too seriously! Smile

P.S. There are a few secret plot points, which can be unlocked several ways. Please don't post any spoilers!
Haha, this game is hilarious Very Happy I haven't tried AutoHotKey; is it pretty easy to get used to? The notification bubbles near the taskbar and the horse noise are a nice touch as well Smile
MateoConLechuga wrote:
Haha, this game is hilarious Very Happy I haven't tried AutoHotKey; is it pretty easy to get used to? The notification bubbles near the taskbar and the horse noise are a nice touch as well Smile

AutoHotkey is extremely good at what it is meant for, which are keybinds and macros, but can be used for pretty much anything else. It's a slightly wonky language in a few ways, though, such as variable assignment and the way commands take inputs and outputs. But the GUI support is fantastic!

The notification bubbles actually should've been normal traytips, but Windows 10 broke AHK's traytips with the new notification system so I used a 3rd-party library "Notify.ahk" to get that.
Hey. Are you still thinking about porting this game to the ti-84 plus ce?
IMPORTANT: Just wanted to tell you that the binary and source links don't work Sad I really wanted to try this...

Same as Legoman314 - are you still there? ADVENTUR was my second (after Pac-Man) TI 84+ CE calculator game; unlike most games, it actually made me laugh out loud the entire time, and I'd love to have its sequel HOARSE on my calc Smile
It appears the download link is broken Sad
gplastic wrote:
It appears the download link is broken Sad

I don't use dropbox because of that. Older download links tend to break, and iirc links with "too much traffic" get turned off.

Edit: oops didn't realize this post was that old.
Now what?
HelvetiTek2k222 wrote:
Now what?

Hactar needs to fix the link is what. If he sees this post then maybe he shall fix the dropbox link.
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