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calc84maniac wrote:
Pighit wrote:
Not meaning to be annoying, but is Game Boy Color support still a possibility after you sort out the game boy issues? I expect it would take a long time to implement such a thing, so are you even still considering it?

It's definitely still on the table, though as I've stated before, I want to get the original Game Boy emulation as polished as I can before trying to graft more functionality onto it. I'm currently working on performance and accuracy improvements; it's slow-going but it is what it is. I consider this essential to set the stage for GBC support because the GBC's processor can run twice as fast as the original GB.

RogerWilco wrote:
I have seen that some GameBoy games that support the SGB pallets do get colors, but I've only seen some games that I know for a fact support them have them implemented. Smile

Actually, those are the palettes selected when the game is inserted into a GBC (though of course, only a certain subset of games are in the GBC's internal database).

Super Game Boy palettes are a bit more sophisticated, since they can be changed by the game while it's running and use different palettes in different areas of the screen. At some point I think it would be nice if I added a limited subset of SGB features.

Ok, cool! I never knew that. Thanks for the info Very Happy
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