I've had a √ idea lately. (Ok that was a bad joke) I am *attempting* to make something like Animation vs Animator 4 (look it ↑), but starring my sentient calculator. Being myself, it will be "Program vs Programmer" and I will animate the screen using code. Go figure.

It will/could have a scene where I call on Cemetech/CodeWalrus members via SAX/WalriiIRC, but I will animate those, if given permission by the respective owners.

I'm not going to leak too much, but it is completely planned out. I even went to office max a purchased a storyboard. Just to feel like I know what I am doing, even though I don't. When this project is complete, I will release my source code, but beware. It is 100% quick and dirty, with little to no optimizations.

I will append updates to this post.
So, Coded vs Coder?
Yeah, but the coded has a mind of its own...
What are you going to animate it on/with?
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