Thanks everybody! Im really glad this project came together as quick and as well as it did. Because this computer is so much faster than my actual laptop (which I definitely did not anticipate) I will probably be using it for quite a bit of stuff, hopefully until I get to college and buy a nice college laptop. But like I said earlier this will be great for car and bus rides because of its tiny form factor and lack of any moving parts (all the memory is solid state of course.)

I am still looking for a suitable name for this thing, Gamecube PC just sounds boring. Ideas?
"PC of the GameCube variety"
"GamePCube" (PC inside of GameCube, get it?)
"The thing"
"The thing that is faster than my actual laptop but is inside of a gamecube shell"
"GameCube: PC edition"

umm that's all I could come up with...
Nintendo Lunchbox
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