So, I have recently noticed that many players have been asking about where to buy specific items. I decided to make a Bukkit plugin that could show and sort information about shops like the owner of the shop, the type of item sold, the price of the item, the location of the shop (by town and by coordinates), and the date the shop was created.
The plugin is still in early development.
So far, I have completed:
    Registering shops as they are created
    Unregistering shops when destroyed
    Registering pre-existing shops on transaction and with commands
    Towny integration (to be able to see which town a shop is in)
    Permission nodes
    GUI is mostly done and totally usable! I still need to implement the sort and filter buttons, however
    Cause a compass to point towards a selected shop
    Configuration and localization files
    In-game documentation
    Database access - currently requires MySQL
This will be very cool!

Here's a tip: Create good in-game documentation. It's the sign of an execellent plugin. (Unless it's an anti-hacking plugin. Then I come along and find a loophole)
I created a GitHub repository for the project here:
Anything that has a GUI, I am immediately very fond of. I look forward to the progress and updates.
I worked on the GUI a bit, and you can now search for shops by item!

Without the tooltip:

The banners are scroll buttons, in case there are a lot of shops. The scroll buttons work, but not the sort and filter buttons between them. The exit icon works, but there isn't much point to it since you can just press e or escape.

Remember that this is still in development, and while it is technically usable it currently requires a MySQL server.
I am currently working on the commands, as I have different types of filters and sorters that work but you can't use.
Currently, you can use

/catalogue (item)

to find an item.
I may try to use these commands in the final product:

/catalogue - Find all shops
/catalogue (item) - Find shops with that item
/catalogue browse - Find all shops
/catalogue search (item) - Find shops with that item
/catalogue search (item) filter (type) (value) - To filter a search
/catalogue search (item) sort (type) asc/des - To sort a search
/catalogue search (item) filter (type) (value) sort (type) asc/des
Perhaps there can be a limit to how many items the /catalogue can display (editable via admin commands/config) to prevent you being able to DDOS the server using multiple accounts spamming that command. Think like a hacker to stop the hacker, even though that wouldn't be hacking
You can now click the icon of a shop to show it's location on a compass in your inventory. Hopefully this makes compasses a lot more useful (not that they are hard to get or anything). Now I just have to find a use for clocks...
I did a bit of work on things like configuration files and in-game documentation. Here's the in-game documentation I have so far:

I might open my testing server if anyone wants to help me test it out.
I added a pre-release to the GitHub page. There should be no more bugs that stop the catalogue from being used or bugs that affect gameplay like item duplication bugs. I don't feel like I have tested it long enough to give it full release status, but it should be totally useable at present, provided a MySQL sever is available.
I just tried this out, it's really cool and simple. I'm excited for this Smile
Thanks for updating the plugin, commandblockguy! As of tomorrow morning's reset the new version will be on the server.
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