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The TICI 1.0 Color Screen Adapter (now at Beta 2) is back under construction! Over the weekend I got some blue and red LEDs, today I bought my green LEDs and printed circuit board, and I began the case mod. I will be breadboarding the circuit soon becfore soldering and mounting the circuit, and I still need the plexiglass and some improved lenses of my own design. Any feature ideas/ comments/ compliments/ flames? Smile
Yeah; I'm soooooooooooooo far ahead of you Very Happy

All I need to do is mount my components on my new pcb, and write software for it. After all, no point in releasing it without a couple of games...
Except you don't have a soldering device or software, and I do Smile

Edit: Schematic of the lense module>>

The 8 basic colors:
It won't be hard for me to write software; I can get that done uickly. As for a soldering device, I have a paperclip (go clippy!) Laughing
lol I'm sure that's real precise. Rolling Eyes
Which is why my PCB got messed up, and I had to make another one.

I just replaced the backing and finished etching the plexiglass, and it looks awesome. I've got my LEDs and components, and it's going beautifully Smile
Well, it's working well for you so far. Mine *was* working, and now has been delayed further because I can't get my cash in PayPal! :angry: Evil or Very Mad
What happened when you tried yours with your old woftware?
I don't have *woftware* Smile

Well, only the Red LED would light up, and it was like a strobe light. So the whole screen was strobing red. So I opened it up, and found a couple of shorts. Tried to fix it with my paperclip Evil or Very Mad , and all hell broke loose Sad

So in the mean time, I've been working on my documentation and software. How many steps do you have to assemble your CSA?
There are twelve in all; I have about 5 done.

I just completed one of the two 3-LED assemblies; when I finish the other I'll install them in my calc. I soldered the power feed this morning, and I'm collecting some datasheets on my ICs to double-check the ratings.
Shocked Only twelve?! How detailed are your instructions?!
Extremely detailed. They assume a pre-assembled PCB, however, which is a 23-step appendix.
Ah. Mine are VERY detailed, and take up 48 steps to complete. I think I made it a little too detailed...as if it were a 'How to build a Color Screen for Dummies" Laughing
Laughing I started assembling the PCB today, and have gotten halfway done. yay.
I've been messing around with PICs today. All day. Got my o'scope working...the only problem now is that my 4Daily payment STILL hasn't reached my checking account yet. It's been 9 days since I received my payment,and 4 days since I requested my cash to be put directly into my bank account.
That's right, you're using PICs with this RGB screen beta. How's that working out for you?
That's right, you're using PICs with this RGB screen beta. How's that working out for you?

I used to a few months ago, but I didn't tell anyone. But around that time I decided against it since it required more work, and even though it would take up less space, it doesn't really matter as long as it fits into the calc.

I was working with the PICs to sort of practice with before I can get the SX52BD\PQ chip.
Cool. I'm happy to announce that this project is still moving right along.
Still havn't been paid by stormpay yet...Sad

So I'm just working on documentation.
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