Lately, I had a couple of problems with CelSheet, and it caused a RAM reset.

Fortunately, I didn't lose anything, but what if this were to happen to someone else, and they lost all of their stuff?

Thus, I ask a question:

Is it possible to create a program that inserts a keypress combination to the OS that can cut power to the calculator (basically a force shutdown), so that if a memory leak happens, like what happened to me, you don't have to 1) wait until your battery dies, or 2) hit the reset button on the back and lose all of your programs?
If you cut power to the calculator, your RAM is still reset and your programs lost. Remember that RAM is volatile.
True, but it wouldn't be cutting power. At least, that's not what I'm trying to do. What I want to create is a safe way to end all tasks ands safely shut the calc down, without any data loss.
Perhaps make a program to put everything that hasn't been archived into a group, archive the group, run a small bit of ASM to kill the calculator, and then run the program again to restore everything in that group.
What would the ASM part look like?
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