In what may be the oldest TI-Calc game series, Sorunome has released the latest installment to Reuben Quest for the monochrome calcs: Reuben Quest: Lost Between Times. The roots of the Reuben Quest series came from DJ Omnimaga who made Reuben Quest: Ev Awakening1 back in 2004 in pure BASIC, with the help of ASM libraries, which was also the second grayscale game for the TI-83 Plus/TI-84 Plus series (after tr1p1ea's Desolate) and the first grayscale JRPG for that calculator family.

In January 2005, DJ Omnimaga released a new Reuben Quest game, Reuben Quest: The Lost Mirror. This game added a lot of of puzzle-solving elements and much more, compared to Ev Awakening. We now finally have the latest installment, Reuben Quest: Lost Between Times. The game is "an epic RPG fantasy which includes tons of puzzles, side-quests, hidden things and much more!". The game is made in pure ASM, and has great greyscale which leads to gorgeous graphics, animations, fights, maps and much more. You should definitely give it a try, and challenge yourself to discover what - and where! - all the "hidden things" are!

Download Reuben Quest: Lost Between Times

*1. Linked file is a remake by Sorunome
Small corrections:

-Illusiat and The Reign of Legends series actually pre-dates Reuben Quest. Ev Awakening was the second grayscale game too (behind Desolate by tr1p1ea) but it was the first JRPG for those calcs to have grayscale. Wink
Oops, thanks for the catch! At least it was one of the earliest grayscale games Wink
PT_ wrote:
Oops, thanks for the catch! At least it was one of the earliest grayscale games Wink
I corrected the post before frontpaging it, but you're welcome to make the edit yourself in the future if you want. Smile DJ_O: Thanks for the correction.

Sorunome: Congratulations on finishing this! I know how hard you have worked on it, and it must have been both a relief and an accomplishment to finally publish it. I look forward to trying it myself.
Thank you guys!

But just so that things don't get confused, another few corrections:
- Both Ev Awakening and The Lost Mirror were originally developed by DJ
- As for my remake, Ev Awakening and The Lost Mirror use totally different engines, Ev Awakening being written in Axe and The Lost Mirror written in asm
- Lost Between Times actually uses a greatly improved version of the engine of The Lost Mirror
PT_ kindly addressed these in the article. Thanks for those clarifications!
Back in the days, I remember how challenging it was to create a decent-looking animated screenshot of the original Reuben Quest. It seems that even with today's tools, it's still more challenging than having programmed the original game <_<

Sorry for the mistakes! At least the download link is right Shock
I miss the days of monochrome! This looks absolutely fantastic Sorunome, the animations and story line are awesome Smile It's neat to see all the work that went into making this over the years.
This is amazing! It's clearly one of the best programs ever written for these calculators. Excellent story, gameplay, and graphics. However, I did find a couple of bugs that you might want to look into.

-It crashes and I have to pull the batteries when I try to use an item in a battle. Not sure if this is just my calc being weird or not, but it happened even after re-installing it.

-It appears that one cannot obtain more than 200 gold. The number was steadily increasing as I battled, but then stopped changing altogether at 200, which kind of killed my progress.
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