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oldmud0 wrote:
MateoConLechuga wrote:
oldmud0 wrote:
_iPhoenix_ wrote:

Want me to take charge and get started making this a reality?

Well, we still need some more input from other people in order to determine the right approach. I envision this will be a GitHub project you will be able to contribute to, and GitHub automatically tracks how much time you've wasted excellent work you've contributed to the project. Your help would definitely be appreciated.

Github also has support for hosting pages under the 'gh-pages' branch in repos. Super handy.

Yes, that's why I mentioned Jekyll and HTML/Markdown. However, exporting to PDF becomes a not-so-trivial process, and Jekyll is very Ruby-oriented. Perhaps one could export LaTeX to GitHub Pages?

Hmm... if we use Jekyll, then editing is very easy, but then we lose a large degree of control in formatting with Markdown. But, if we use TeX, only two people will know what they're doing and how to add stuff.

If it was a GitHub project, I could compile it by hand to a PDF... Labor intensive, but ya know.... Good Music + nothing better to do * long grind = Great things!

Edit: Mateo said that no one makes PDF's by hand anymore, but I do, as it gives significantly better results.
If this is still being considered seriously, I recently had an idea: an anthology of examples. We shouldn't need to reinvent the wheel, rather we should take a blueprint and make it concrete. I envision it to be a fully operational example, except there is a line by line explanation of what is happening in the code. Kinda like an expanded and very detailed comment. In this way, we might only need to link already existing tutorials for basic instructions, registers, etc. and then show an intuitive example on exactly how it works.

I thought I would get the idea out so it's not wasted!
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