I have a few question regarding Doors CS 7's commands:
1. How does the output from det(5 come out? Is it in Ans, Str0, or something else?
2. Another one regarding det(5, if I only wanted to read one line, would I do det(5,"blank",X,0) or det(5,"blank",X,1)?
3. Is there any way to output text to the screen (so that it can be displayed along with sprites, etc.)?
1. Ans
2. det(5,"blank",X,1)
3. http://dcs.cemetech.net/index.php/BasicLibs:DrawText

Hope this helps Smile
For text, most xLIB/DCS7 BASIC programmers just stuck with the standard Text() command. Make sure to DispGraph before the game starts, then never use any ClrDraw command (use a full screen rectangle command instead). Standard TI-OS Text works just fine that way and you can even invert it via xLIB/DCS7 libs.

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