Which arena theme have you liked the best so far?
 40%  [ 2 ]
 20%  [ 1 ]
 40%  [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 5

**Admins can merge my two pvp threads if wanted. I separated them bc these will be the most active themes **

** Also, please vote on the poll. Which arena theme did you like best so far (on the basis of challenge, navigation, flag placement, secret areas, etc). If you have a suggestion for another theme, please post below. **

Match Results -- Feb 27

Participants: WhosAdam, commandblockguy, Gizmo482 v. ACagliano, TurquoiseDrag0n, Chauronslilsis, stickybutton (alternating)

Round 1: Blue Victory, 2-1
Round 2: Red Victory, 1-0
Round 3: Blue Victory, 2-0
Bonus Round: ACagliano v. TurquoiseDrag0n, ACagliano victory

Match Victor: Blue Team, 2-1.

Match Stats

Chauronslilsis: 3/0
ACagliano: 3/1
TurquoiseDrag0n: 1/1
commandblockguy: 1/2
Gizmo482: 1/1
WhosAdam: 0/2
stickybutton: 0/1

Detailed results posted here.
Match video posted here
Match Results -- March 2

Participants: ACagliano, stickybutton vs. LittleMoonBeam, Master13uilder

Round 1: Blue victory
Round 2: Red victory
Round 3: Blue victory

ACagliano: 3/0
Master13uilder: 0/2
stickybutton: 0/0
LittleMoonBeam: 0/1

Current Series Achievements
Most Kills: ACagliano
No Deaths: Chauronslilsis

Detailed results here
Match video posted here
Match Results -- March 5th

Participants: ACagliano, TurquoiseDrag0n vs. LittleMoonBeam, Gizmo482, WhosAdam

Round 1: Draw
Round 2: Blue victory
Round 3: Blue victory
Round 4: Red victory
Round 5: Red victory
Final Result: Draw

ACagliano: 5/2
TurquoiseDrag0n: 3/1
LittleMoonBeam: 0/2
Gizmo482: 0/3
WhosAdam: 1/2

Current Series Achievements
Most Kills: ACagliano
No Deaths: Chauronslilsis

*** Next match either tomorrow night or tuesday night. Contact me in game to choose one. ***
Match 3/7 and 3/10 Results

(3/7) : 3-2, Blue Victory
(3/10) : 4-1, Red Victory

Nether PvP Series ends with this post. Sticky is designing next arena.
Some final stats for admins to award prizes:

Top 3 Players
ACagliano - Rank 1 with 10 wins
LittleMoonBeam - Rank 2 with 7 wins
Gizmo482 - Rank 3 with 6 wins

Other Achievements
No Deaths: Chauronslilsis
Most Kills: ACagliano (25)
Quickest Rank Increase: gizmo482

Episode 4 video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HyzEBB5ky7Y
Episode 5 video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UL-epRhCstE
Randomness PvP Episode 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJbif0brkqg
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