Ok. Here is a list of the features in SWARM!
Moving shooter: check
Shooting: check
Moving bees: check
Destroyable bees: check
Falling stingers: check
Defeatable shooter: check

Here is a gif of the completed beta version. Unfortunately, it is very hard to play on the emulator! Razz The game gets progressivly harder as you win each round. I have managed to win around 4 or 5 rounds in a row on the actual calculator. (Not so lucky using Wabbitemu, however)
It actually takes quite a bit of strategy to play. Smile

I added the picture in the background with random coordinates to make the background less boring.

Oh, yes, again it is faster on the actual calculator, for some reason.

If anyone wants to be a beta-tester, I will PM the first few people the 8xp and the keys it uses. (remember, it requires ion Razz)
looking good man, those bees seem to be rather elusive Smile.

Nice work Smile.
Ha, ha, yeah, they kinda are. Very Happy Not as much on calc, though.
Yep. Lookin' very nice!!
Great job! That looks nice!
Wish I had a 84 to try it on Sad
The reasons it is often difficult to hit the bees is because I only test for collisions at a bee sprites y coordinate plus three, instead of inside the entire range, bee_y to bee_y + 7. If anyone who tests it wants this fixed, it won't take long.

EDIT: It does check for collisions inside the entire x range, though.
@calcnerd I know it works on a TI 83 plus - that's what I use Smile
At the speed the bees are moving it gives their inner textures a grayscale-ish look.

Nice work!
Thanks! Any one can message me for the program.
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