Geekboy1011, KermM, and I met in NYC (my first time there!) sometime in the middle of May 2017. We had lots of fun, visited a bookstore, ate delicious Chinese food, nommed delicious Italian desserts, and sipped real espresso. At various points during our journey, we discussed how to get me introduced to CE programming and after a bit of convincing, I decided to start with MateoC's C devkit.

During the long walk between the Shake Shack at Madison Square Park and this hole-in-a-wall Chinese food place, we settled on a game that would play like Kitten Cannon or Toss the Turtle. We called this game "Lob the Loon" and would feature said animal being launched out of something at sufficient high velocity.

Geekboy1011 and I afterwards helped me set up my C development environment, which consisted mostly of him telling me what to download and me marveling at how much easier it was this time compared to last. And then... nothing. For over a month. And then after that, I started to actually do something with it.

Here's an album of pics I took at varying stages of my project.

If you didn't want to click the above link, here's the latest bit of progress:

And now I'd better get cracking on Cemetech contest #20, so this loon will have time to settle for a bit.
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