I’ve found your page and project on Steam and wonder whether you also plan to create train simulator? I really like trains but so far every train simulator have either good physics and bad graphics, or vice versa. But after reading this post, I see how much incredibly detailed this simulator will be. It would be great if such a good platform could be used also for train simulation;)
Congratulations on having your game Greenlit! Any news on this?
Black Phoenix/BlackFox is on the Transitforums / Metrosimulation server on Discord. There's a Subtransit channel there where he responds to questions and posts news about the development status and small sneak peeks.

(the server is a bit confusing, new visitors are dumped into a welcome channel and then roles need to be assigned. I'm not sure if one can see the Subtransit channel by default. If you need help just stay on the welcome channel until an admin helps, you can mention me (@gbl08ma), I'm not an admin but I can help)

He hasn't posted any more posts on the development blog for a number of reasons:
1. He moved to the US and that messed up his "auxiliary responsibilities" like posting on the devblog and, apparently, also commenting on this thread;
2. Despite having tons of material to post on the devblog, the marketing and legal guys won't let him post all of it.

With this said, on July 1, BlackFox said he had a new post on the devblog "coming up". Of course, given they have been greenlit on Steam, we should probably refer to Valve Time to understand what that means Wink
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