After some thought, I have finished evaluating the Sudoku contest results.

They are as follows

3rd place: Elfprince
2nd place: Harq
and in first place: The Tari

I would like to thank all those who were involved in the contest, you all made great programs.

Reviews to follow.
Elfprince13: Download
size (5): 5
optimization (10): 10
features (bonus): 0
functionality (20): 10 (shows potential though)
speed (5): 4
graphics (5): 5
misc (30): 15
total: 49
notes: no game play availible from I can tell, ran Today's Daily Sudoku through (level easy), and said that the puzzle had more than one solution at the third block.

Harq: Download
size: 5
optimizion: 10
features: 3 (can tell you which numbers are availible in a cell)
functionality: 13 (can't use with TILP (no 8xg support))
speed: 5
graphics: 4 (too many zeros)
misc: 13
total: 53
notes: while good, having a blank cell would be preffered to the zero. also, when Daily Sudoku (same as above) was inputed and solved, said was error when site had same answer and said valid.

size: 5
optimization: 5 (overuse of labels)
features: 3 (actually generates a puzzle)
funtionality: 20
speed: 3 (because of label most likely)
graphics: 3 (lack of lines to tell what line and box is what)
misc: 20
total: 59
notes: actually had a generator in it, and worked. Can use lines for seperating lines and 3*3 boxes apart. Optimization is needed also.

If you have any discepncy, please PM me first.
I thought Kuro was the 3rd entry (remeber? He was working on a solver for it, but maybe it wasn't him, i can't remember.), oh well. I am going to rewrite part of my program to A. do not display 0's, and B. Once I finish my generator, i am going to build direct support into that. Also, could u send me the puzzle and what it said was wrong? That was one feature that was still a bit sketchy.

P.S. wait, are you saying that you took of points because I put the program in a group file!!?!!?

Hmmm... what should my title be...
Now a news article needs to be written and prizes released.
I agree with Harq. Taking points off because it's in a group file is unfair. You could've just opened the group file in windows and send the TI files over individually.
You have to have TIConnect to be able to open the zip, and Rivereye's computer doesn't work with it. He has to use TiLP, and the group file did not work with it. So while I don't think it's quite fair, I do see where he's coming from.
I see what the problem is now. But the contest did have two judges. Can you use TI-Connect Kerm?
I can use TIConnect. I could probably change that score a bit, but I'll let Rivereye know as well. I don't think all 7 points were for that though.
part of the score was ease of install, as I couldn't without a litle help from someone with TI-Connect, points had tp be deducted, but not all the points came from the fact of the group. The 0's did not help also, along with the fact of saying the puzzle was wrong. The puzzle I used is Harq, yours said either Row 1, Cloumn 8 or 9, or the other way around.
I think I'll stay out of this and let the two of you figure it out on your own.
I could give a few points back, but I wouldn't give 6 points back, so in essence, the results will not change.
I think i might have won if I had fixed the checker and gotten rid of the 0's >.< . Oh well, Good job Tari! Very Happy
yeah, I would have to say that is true, or if yours had a generator that worked. Another idea for yours the way it is now, how about a screen to input the original puzzle instead of having to use the Matrix editor.
I am going up to illinois tommorrow, i will work on version 2.0 on the plane Very Happy .
I can't wait to see what you come up with. Too bad I won't be able to change the results of this contest with the new version. Better luck next time (btw, are we having more contests here at all?)

btw, just thinking on the group thing, I would keep it in mind for your next release (you could do as tari and have the group for those who can use it, and then have it in individual files for those who can't.
So, are these still the prizes?

KermMartian wrote:
Grand Prize: Full membership to the BASIC 1337 (quality-based)
First Prize: Userbar and custom title
Honorable mention: Userbar

Who gets grand prize then?

P.S. I have another project i want to work on, but i am not sure i can enter it into any contests though. Anyways, I am going to make sure to put the dcs support back in next time around (didn't this time because i had already told u about it).
So Harq, what would you like your title to be? And we need to get that Tari guy over here.
KermMartian wrote:
So Harq, what would you like your title to be? And we need to get that Tari guy over here.

I am going to have to think about that... Give me 2 days (I will be in Illinois by then, so i will have some time to think.)
Alrighty, have fun. Did you notice the new userbar I installed for ya? Smile
Yes, thanks Good Idea .
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