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I just finished my first axe programs.
Please check them out and comment on them! Smile

The first one is an axe remake of the TI-Basic Nibbles game by Edward H.http://tibasicdev.wikidot.com/archives:nibbles

Here is a gif of it: (Wabbitemu has been running really slow with me when recording gifs recently, so I didn't do to well when recording it) If you press 2nd, the snake speeds up.

Here is a grayscale twist on the classic tunnel game. It looks a lot better on a real calculator. The background isn't a single shade of gray, instead being composed of lines. (same problem with wabbitemu applies with this gif)

JsTIfied shows some aspects a bit better, but is worse quality.
The grayscale is higher quality on a real calculator, and the game doesn't run so fast. As you can see, the background is made up of lines, making it obvious that it is scrolling.
Looks awesome! I like the greyscale Smile
The gray background is really a made up of lines to make it obvious that it is scrolling, but wabbitemu doesn't show it (you can tell that when it shows the score).
Nice work; Did you use graylib by runer112? Smile
axe has built in grayscale functions that make it really easy, so no. Smile
Graylib uses the built in axe functions. It's purpose is to create "perfect" tunable greyscale via built in hardware timers on the calculator.
oh, no, I didn't realize such a thing existed! I'll check it out.
Ok... its almost done. I only need to fix the score display. On my ti83 the text flickers pretty bad.
The background is all gray and the entire program is 4 color.


Ok, here is another one with Wabbitemu, only using different grayscale settings. This is almost how it looks on my calculator, except the gif has a little more flicker.
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