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In the middle of September 2016, Cemetech ASM expert and moderator MateoConLechuga decided to port the popular Nintendo game Mario to the TI-84 Plus CE. He started this game in ASM, but soon moved to C, using the libraries he wrote himself. Upon switching to C, he also renamed the game from Mario to "Oiram" ("Mario" reversed) to avoid problems with copyright infringement. After much nagging and poking from an impatient userbase and a few months of updates and gorgeous screenshots, he has now released Oiram! The game includes everything you'd expect from the original game: full movement, side-scrolling, goombas, turtles, fire sprites, shells and much, much more which makes this game into one of the biggest games released so far for the TI-84 Plus CE.

But that's not all! Like the real Mario game, Oiram includes time, coins, powerups and a score system. Mateo has created 12 levels, full of enemies, powerups, koopas, slopes (!), pipes and... hidden things! If you're sufficiently dedicated that you happen to beat all of the levels, you can keep the game interesting by making your own levels. Mateo has created a simple but useful Oiram Level Editor, which provides a GUI where you can make your own levels, and export them all together to an appvar. Simply send this appvar to your calculator, and then you can play your own levels.

If even this was not enough, Mateo has made the game open source, so if you want to learn how to write a platformer game, take a look!

Oiram for the TI-84 Plus CE
Oiram Level Editor

Yeah! It looks like very cool!

Very good work Mateo, as usual Smile
Wistaria wrote:
Wow! This really impressive

Good job Mateo
This is really amazing work, Mateo; I'm impressed that you wrote it from scratch, rather than port it from any existing open-source C implementation. And you did it so fast! I look forward to seeing how this takes off.

TI Ninja wrote:
Wistaria wrote:
Wow! This really impressive

Good job Mateo
Quoting another user without saying anything new is not a permitted type of post on Cemetech.
Thanks guys Smile Although I would like to point out that the libraries are not my work; but rather a combination of a lot of dedicated people Wink Specifically jacobly and grosged, and Runer's optimized routines as well.
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