To all of our members that celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas; to everyone else, happy holidays, and to all, a very happy New Year! We hope that despite the tumult near and far of the past year, that you have made the most of it, in your personal endeavors, your programming projects, and your relationships with friends, families, and colleagues. We have enjoyed seeing everything that our members have created this year as enshrined by tifreak8x in our monthly Projects of the Month posts, from impressive games to valuable programming tools to feature-packed utilities. We look forward to what you'll create in the coming year, and we hope that at least for a few days, you get to slow down and celebrate with festive pursuits, delicious food, and glad tidings of the season.

Chanukah began yesterday; hope all of our Jewish visitors had a great first night and here's to 6 more! Any of you guys doing anything fun over the Winter Break?
I'll speak up; why not? Smile With the semester finally over, my final exam graded, and my final grades submitted, I have the next month to focus on catching up on other things. I need to clean my room of a semester's detritus, I need to send hundreds of startup-related emails, I'm going to take a trip to visit my girlfriend, and elfprince13 and I will be starting a second accelerator program for our startup in January. How about you guys?
I'm too late to wish you all a Merry Christmas, but to all: Happy New Year! Smile I hope 2017 is a nice year, with a bunch of new awesome projects, games and updates to whatever!
@Alex: I've 2 weeks holiday, and I'm finishing projects, gaming, chilling, and programming (and eating Dutch Doughnuts (literally translated: oil balls)) Smile
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