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Ok, so the assembly functions of calcnet 2.2 are well-documented, but those of basic are less so. I'm lost enough that I don't even know where to start. I think I understand cn2_ctrl well enough, but what should follow is entirely foreign.
Pseudo-code for a fairly unreliable, but basic chat client


:While Str1≠"MOO"
:Input "> ",Str1
:If sum(18:Disp Str9

Do you have specific questions?
That bit helps a lot, thanks. I guess the two specific questions i have are these:
    What are flagBytes; how do I use them?
    How do I get/use/send calculator IDs?

I tried your pseudocode; i got a DCS err 518:dim, pointing to the line 0→θ. When I switched it with its predecessor, the error pointed to the cn2_ctrl setup line.

*Update Update*
That was just an error with insufficient data in str1. My new problem is that no transfer appears to occur, even when cn2_send is looped infinitely, and cn2_get is looped until it receives a transmission.
calculator IDs are a calculator's serial number. 0 is used to broadcast to all calculators on the network.
Unfortunately, I don't have a pair of calculators handy to test out the pseudocode - the important components are the setup/teardown at the beginning and end. Sending a broadcast packet with the message, read from Str1, and attempting to receive a packet with a message, which automatically deposits string messages into Str9.
So, det(4,2 gets me the first ten digits of my serial. My two calcs are TI84+ School edition. I've found very little problems with the school edition compared to the others (I can't extract a rom image, but that's not much of a problem thanks to rom-image makers like those included in wabbitemu. Could this be what's wrong?
I believe you'll need to convert that value from a hex string into a numeric value if you want to send to a specific calculator, but that's not the issue here, since 0->Theta is a broadcast, and should go to everyone. (Hopefully someone else - Geekboy, or Kerm, can weigh in here)

Also, I don't know what a TI-84+ "School Edition" is, but using WabbitEmu's rom-image maker to produce a ROM from only a downloaded OS is definitely illegal if you live in the U.S.
elfprince13 wrote:

Also, I don't know what a TI-84+ "School Edition" is, but using WabbitEmu's rom-image maker to produce a ROM from only a downloaded OS is definitely illegal if you live in the U.S.

I think he is referring to the EZ-Spot calculators. Also, the ROM generator in Wabbit is illigal?!?!? I've used it for all my emulation stuff!
If you didn't dump a ROM from your calculator, it's illegal to use it. WabbitEmu's tool to combine an 8xu OS upgrade file with the BootFree open-source bootcode is explicitly in violation of the license agreement associated with those 8xu files. If you have further questions, on that score, you should ask in chat, so as not to derail this thread too much.
JLovern, can you show us the code you're running on each calculator to try to get them to communicate? Also, you're using the I/O unit-to-unit cable, not the mini USB cable, right?
Hmmm... No, I'm using the mini USB. As for the code,

" →Str1
" →Str9
While Str1≠"EXIT
Input "> ",Str1
Repeat getKey
While sum(18       \\I've tried Repeat, too.
Disp Str9
If both outputs don't work, how are 3+ links supposed to work? It must be assumed that the consumer isn't a tech wizard that can manufacture multi-pronged micro I/O cables on the fly. (side rant, why are TI calculators so out of date? The only place I have ever seen that size cable is in a ham radio set.)
All you need to do is cut apart multiple I/O cables and connect each cable the all of the ones with the same color: copper to copper, white to white, and red to red. Smile Couldn't be easier.
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