Now that the polls to vote for your favorite program of the year are closed, has published the results of the 2016 Program of the Year contest. There were 4 categories, the TI-83 Plus/TI-84 Plus category, the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition category, the TI-84 Plus CE category and last but not least the TI-Nspire category. There were numerous entries, but only one can win, so let's see who the winners are.

In the TI-83 Plus/TI-84 Plus category JWinslow23's This Is The Only Level has won the PotY by default, as it was the only program or game made for the monochrome calcs.

KermMartian had a resounding lead in TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition category with his program "Graph3DC". Other entries were

The TI-84 Plus CE category was the most interesting poll in my opinion, because there were 12 entries competing with each other. Cemetech global moderator PT_ won this category with his program "ICE Compiler". Other programs/games that were in the running were:

The last category was the TI-Nspire category, and this poll was won by Jens Kolbinger with his program "Jens' Script Editor". The other programs or games to vote at were:

Congratulations to all winners, thanks everyone for voting, and if you didn't won, don't be sad, at least your program was frontpaged!

From left to right: This is the Only Level, Graph3DC 1.0, ICE Compiler

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2016 Program of the Year Results
Congratulations to all winners!
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