can i manually upgrade Cesium on my 84+CE? i have no access to a computer or any other devices and the version i have currently was loaded by someone else who had access to a computer around oct 2, '16, and it seems to be in need of an upgrade. a RAM reset inadvertently erased it and a post by MateoConLechuga on nov 5 gave me an ASM code to recover it, but 'Cesium' is not in the program menu again.

can i get Cesium back in the PROGRAM MENU? where is is now?
can i get it listed in the Cesium program listing itself?
many thanks, JAMR
There are two possible reasons as to why it won't show up in your program menu.
1) Cesium is by default, locked & hidden, and prgmA made to launch it is locked, therefore if you deleted prgmA, then nothing appears in the program menu. You can still just run Cesium by entering Asm(prgmCESIUM on the homescreen though.
2) Cesium is not on your calculator Razz

If you want, you can just remake prgmA, or if you absolutely want Cesium to appear in your program menu, you can do a bit of VAT Editing using this program, but you don't have access to a computer so I guess you can't do that.
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