So far, I've made two bots that were on UniChat (I think only one?), but not anymore right now because of some cool new features :S. Their names were FriendlyBOT and roomBOT.

I've decided to make a new one, jcgterBOT, but it won't be as stupid as the others. This will be similar to DoorsCS in SAX/IRC. I don't want to steal too much, so I need ideas Razz

You can view what I have so far on my GitHub here.

jcgterBOT.js is what you need if you want to see what I have so far and edit it.
jcgterBOT and DoorsCE were my main buggy bots. jonbush helped me fix DoorsCE, so now it's only jcgterBOT. I can't see what's going wrong. Can someone look at this to see if they know what's wrong?

Error lines:
[10:04:47] MESSAGE: botAPI local testing environment loaded.
[10:04:47] MESSAGE: User created with username "user_f10f56".
[10:04:47] MESSAGE: Ready to load bots!
[10:04:47] ERROR: Function "initializeBots()" does not exist! No bots loaded.

var jcgterBOT = new Bot("jcgterBOT", "~");

function initializeBots() {

jcgterBOT.executeCommand = function(data) {
  var poster = data.poster;
  var message = data.message;
  var timestamp = data.timestamp;
  var raw_timestamp = data.rawTimestamp;

  if (message.startsWith("ping"))
    jcgterBOT.respond(poster + ": Pong!");
  if (message.startsWith("hello"))
    jcgterBOT.respond(poster + ": Hello to you too!");
  if (message.startsWith("i am sad"))
    jcgterBOT.respond(poster + ": Awww.");

  if (message.startsWith("jcgterinfo"))
    jcgterBOT.respond(poster + ": jcgterBOT is a bot made by jcgter777 on 1/20/2018 for the great UniChat!");

  if (message.startsWith("botssuck"))
    jcgterBOT.respond("That is RUDE, mean, and wrong.");

  if (message.startsWith("tanner"))
    jcgterBOT.respond("Stop abusing the bot.");

  if (message.startsWith("unichat"))
    jcgterBOT.respond("UniChat++ is awesome!");

  if (message.startsWith("botabuse"))
    jcgterBOT.respond("Stop abusing the bots.");

  if (message.startsWith("ninja'd"))
    jcgterBOT.respond("Someone typed faster to express the same sentiment.");

  if (message.startsWith("capslock") || message.startsWith("caps"))
    jcgterBOT.respond("Pro tip: The [caps lock] key to the left ot [a] allows you to type lowercase letters.");

  if (message.startsWith("kiwf"))
    jcgterBOT.respond("Kill it with FIRE 🔥!!!");
  if (message.startsWith("karme")) {
    if (poster == "jcgter777") {
      jcgterBOT.respond("Here you go: jctger777++!");
    } else if (poster == "_iPhoenix_") {
      jcgterBOT.respond("Here you go: _iPheonix_++!");
    } else if (poster == "LAX18") {
      jcgterBOT.respond("Here you go: LAX16++!");
    } else {
      jcgterBOT.respond(poster + ":" +" Here: " + poster + "--" + (Math.random() < 0.3) ? " Because you suck, no offense. :P" : "");

In my opinion, it has to be the last one. But, I don't know. That's why I need help. (I also stole some commands from DoorsCS... Tell me if I should remove them)

EDIT: Thanks to jonbush once again, jcgterBOT is fixed. All I had to do is update the Bot API and rerun. (jonbush tested for me as well).
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