PLEASE HELP! i'm writing on behalf of a prisoner friend who has the TI-84 Plus CE but has no access to a computer and has to input everything manually. before sending him this instrument i was able to upload some programs like Cesium and PHASM and chess... these are the questions he needs answers to:
he writes...
1) "i inadvertently erased Cesuium in a RAM reset. CAN IT BE RECOVERED FROM ARCHIVE? i do not believe i have Archived anything new since the reset RAM loss. (i did, however, Unarchive, then Archive, PHASM once since the reset.) i do not have the ability to download Cesium again, and i need its features in order to safely access other Archived programs."

2) "is there a program called "Archive Undelete CE?" if there is then where can i find/obtain a hard copy of the program so that it can be entered manually? and, will entering it this way over-write the space in Archive memory where Cesium should still be?

one of the problems is that i personally didn't upload these programs. when done so by another person who sent me the instrument, they came with a "read me" file that says how to use them. not having read these, i don't know what i need to know about the programs. i also think that my Cesium wasn't locked. i think this would have protected it. i'm not going to try to access any of the Archived programs until i learn the fate of Cesium, or how to use – and not delete – PHASM!"

deepest thanks in advance to anyone who can give michael some sound advice... JAMR


Entering in this program exactly as shown and running it with the Asm( token found in the catalog should be enough to restore Cesium as long as it was just a RAM clear. Smile

Be sure to add the Asm84CEPrgm to the start:

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