So I am attempting to implement a simple clipping circuit; but for my purposes I don't wish to use any zener diodes. Would it be possible to create the following circuit using just normal silicon diodes, and 1 battery as a clipping voltage where positive and negative clip values are identical? Any help is much appreciated Smile

Generally, no, because non-Zener diodes have breakdown voltages far outside the range for Zener diodes. You could theoretically stack a bunch of diodes to get some multiple of their ~0.7V forward voltages, but unlike Zener diodes, they still drop that multiple of 0.7V, so they end up producing something akin to the opposite effect (ie, start conducting voltage V - n * V_d iff V - n * V_d > 0 forwards, instead of backwards).
Well, yeah, but you can still create a custom bias for your clip values. I've come up with something like this; but now I'm basically wondering if both of these batteries have the same value would it be possible to just use 1 battery instead of 2?

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