Here goes, I'm late, time challenged, and ready to donate or collaborate...

My #1:
In Ableton Studio, Max4Live, allowing object oriented interactions mediated by "flowchart" type objects and "connections", allowing much extraordinary access to audio project track, file, device/plugin and parameter modulation... there are means for Arduino communication.

I think the TI-82/83+ would be capable of displaying requested parameters and allowing their change and synchronous upkeep through a few levels of navigation. Perfect keypad, screen, and secondary generator of code asides the javacript engine embedded in Max4Live, I wanted live feedback of looping points, algorithmic and mathematical coherence to be exchanged as strings, matrices, if not raw screen buffers via assembly.

I just think, these cacls, are robust and reliable, nearing military spec. It's a patch of mine to compensate and otherwise exceed Push2 and other solutions.

Project2: In regards to screen posting and live input, Arduino or PIC, short of my recent time to abide... seem obstentatiously capable of cooperating with the TI-8x for many aspects of live debugging and commanding auxiliary functions of slave chips.

Say I want to "circuit bend" some audio equipment, or edit MiDI patches or whatever the hell, I view the TI-8x as perfect remotecontrols with screens, capable of storing temporary states for editing on the fly,or in real time.

Eager to break through at least in project 1. I'm capable but in delay. I understand z80 overlap and quick execution and emulation of Gameboy stuff.

Hoping for advice, assistance, or outright steal the project and make it open source lol.

No goal here, bored procrastinating... Need time, help, encorragement or a partner.

Example, purchased RY-20 drum machine full repair and schematics.

Hi-jacking and bypassing buttons to prefer RAM and Rom addressing via TI-8x to microcontroller, should exceeed.

Indeed i'm ambitious, aiming high,

Anyone interested, willing to advise or whethernot,

It's nothing but me being preoccupied slowing this down.

I love these machines. Lets hope for the best
toaster wrote:
Kerm, great work. But my lazy/busy PnP expectations for serial getbyte() via Arduino did not even acknowledge receipt of any packets.
What have you tried so far? getbyte() is exactly what it says on the tin: it gets a byte over the TI link protocol, not a packet. Did you take a look at the examples and try building your program off the appropriate one of them? It would probably be useful to step back and let me know what exactly you're trying to do first.
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