hi guys, i just wanna ask:
A. do i have to ship my cal to the US to get my warranty?
B.can i ask TI to replace me a new color version of the same type of cal
Thanks a lot
A. Most likely.
B. It depends what's wrong with it. What's wrong with it?

Perhaps we can help you figure out what's up with it without you having to ship it in for warranty replacement. If we can't figure it out with you, though, we strongly recommend you contact TI CARES to make sure they'll actually replace it.
thank you, actually I wanna ask that when i get my warranty and TI replace me a new cal, can I choose the color of that cal(ex.: gold ti-84 plus ce instead of black)
my cal is fine now,but i'm asking in case my cal crash or something
I don't think they would let the user choose the color because they aren't sold for the same price. For example, Ti charges more for the denim CE than they do for the black one. Also I don't know exactly when the "back to school period" ends but the gold model is limited edition and is probably going to be discontinued soon. It is also the most expensive color along with the white one. My guess is if they replace your calc, they will send one of the same color.
If your calculator crashes, you should be fine. You won't need a new calculator, because all that crash will do is freeze your calculator up for a few seconds and then clear your RAM. Unless the crash is part of a larger problem, you're fine.

Whatever is wrong with your calculator, TI CARES is much more likely to help you with whatever problem you have, including the ability to pick which color calculator you want upon getting a replacement.
(Also, if the idea is to have something "happen" to your calculator in order to switch a non-gold/white calculator for a gold/white calculator, I doubt they'll be particularly amenable to that.)
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