Now, that I leave for three weeks, I am looking for things to do during that time.
(I figured the days long drives and all the free time I will have will be boring.)

So anyway, since I like programming but don't have a calculator to bring along, I thought a bit about it. I came to the conclusion that the calculator is my favourite platform mainly because it is so portable: It is small and the battery holds for months. That's why I don't really want to program on my phone - the battery would run dead within two hours or so.

Then I realised that the E-Reader I am taking is programmable - but it has some fixed OS that you cannot just go ahead and modify.
If I knew how to install a third party app on it, though, I am sure I could figure out the rest.

Well, that's the question:
Does anybody know how to install third party (or well, any) apps on the Pocketbook Touch Lux 3? Or anything with distinctly related firmware that I could figure out myself how to apply?
From what I've seen of it, since it's black and white, you won't be able to install any apps on it, since most apps are in color. You could do it for Kindle ereaders, but that's because they had a appstore for them, and even then, it was very small. Sorry man, but I think you are out of luck.
It uses derivate of Linux, and thus can run specialised adapted programs - even more, I did find such programs! There is a console, a vim port and a Mahjongg game, at the very least.

The problem indeed is that I have no idea how to install and run them, and it is not said in the place where I found those programs either.

Also, sorry fir being impatient, but I just found out that we are leaving early tomorrow, and I would please ask if you know something to post it as soon as possible, as I won't be able to do anything after this evening.
In what format are the files? Can you link to where you found them? I'd assume you should just copy them to the device's internal storage and run them, but I'm not sure without looking at them.
Here (The domain is German but the page is in English - no idea why) is the only page I found on that topic - it says that the programs work on the Touch Lux 2, but the Touch Lux 3 was mainly a screen upgrade, so I am quite sure they would work the same way.

Thanks for taking your time!
The README is directly linked from that page: . Read the paragraph that starts "To install[...]".
What about a Kindle Paperwhite?
KermMartian wrote:
The README is directly linked from that page: . Read the paragraph that starts "To install[...]".
Yes, thanks a lot! As already mentioned in SAX, I indeed oversaw that (Really embarassing... Sorry :/ I think I was so rushed I didn't see it...). Well, I installed the apps and plenty of documentation and it works! Will post if I get to program anything (which I seriously doubt - I haven't found any specialized documentation. Only general C++).

Thanks a lot and see you in three weeks! Enjoy your summer vacations (Also, thanks, Kerm, for correcting me)!
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