ROFL, aight, aight, I will check it tommorrow... I have it all stored in on a flash drive, so lunch should give me the chance I need...
Good stuff. I really hope it works for ya...
Would it be possible to allow the user to download the hex data in a TI String file? If not, could the code for such a file be provided to be pasted into notepad to make the .8xs file? I'm asking because a lot of programs, like Statistical Sprite Creator and Hex2Sprite require the hex data to be stored in a string and it would be easier to transfer the string file to the calc instead of manually typing in all the hex data, specially for larger sprites.
Sure, that could be done. I should just include all this stuff as part of SourceCoder; people have been asking me to include a sprite editor for ages anyway.
Cool. It would make stat sprite creation a lot easier for me. Instead of doing all the work manually from looking at the Mario game, I would just take a screenshot, send it to BMP to Hex, and enter the string into Stat Sprite Creator. Good Idea
Coolness. Then I will certainly consider adding this feature to SourceCoder once I get the basic features down pat.
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